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Real Estate & Land Use

My real estate and land use practice encompasses a broad range of matters—land use entitlement processing, zoning, subdivision law, land use planning, environmental review, easements, property tax issues, purchase and sale transactions, eminent domain, regulatory takings—as well as litigation in any of these practice areas.

Civil Litigation & Appeals

Civil Litigation

Litigation is expensive and time consuming, and can be very disruptive for clients, their businesses, and their families. If litigation becomes necessary, my goal is to provide the highest quality legal representation with the least amount of stress and financial hardship to my clients. I represent clients in state and federal trial courts and before the courts of appeal.

Usury & Lending

Usury is generally defined as the charging of excessive interest on a loan. It is a complicated area of the law that very few lawyers understand. For that reason, it is extremely difficult to find a lawyer that knows usury law, nonetheless one that has experience in the area. I represent both lenders and borrowers in litigation involving usury claims and unlawful lending practices.

Environmental Resources

Environmental laws and regulations are complex and are constantly changing. And the burdens and responsibilities placed on property owners and developers continue to become more onerous. I help clients navigate through the maze of environmental laws in areas such as endangered species, wetlands and stream bed alteration permitting, environmental review (CEQA and NEPA), entitlement processing, resource mitigation, and administrative mandamus and takings litigation.

Construction Law

Construction law is another practice area that encompasses a broad range of matters. I represent clients in construction defect litigation, construction contracting disputes, and insurance and indemnity matters. I also advise land developers, general contractors, and government agencies with respect to California's Prevailing Wage Laws, particularly when determining whether publicly financed improvements subject a project to the payment of prevailing wages.

Entertainment Law

We represent clients in the resolution and litigation of entertainment industry-related matters including contract disputes, business torts, defamation, privacy and publicity claims.